The Wig Master Testo

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Testo The Wig Master

You said, "I will build you a bed of cactus
where you can sleep when the night is
too sharp."
I said, "I will cover you with wax and light
you hair like a wick when the night is too cold."
you don't think of me as often as I'd like you to but
when you do it's of me looking for you on the ship
the plane I am waiting on has your face printed on
the wings
when it crashes I will eat the paint off
I'm gonna spank your ass so hard you will hate
the wig master but I'll put two pillows on your
dining room chair
you're like a parrot something that belongs to me
and not to you
lonliness isn't being alone, it's when someone loves
you and you don't have it in you to love them back
look at my hair, it's a dirty little mop crying
for you to send it away
all a guy needs is a chance to pull off my clothes and
snicker, "Try harder."
if you mail me a toy I will use it but that's the most
I have to offer
"Do you want to see my panties?" is the last thing
I will ever say to you
"I want to finger every teenager I see, " is the last thing
you say to me
don't make fun of my night out.