The Wrong Thing Testo

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Testo The Wrong Thing

Charismatic, a trapped rabbit
Carpet beetle, huhu grub
Rice weevil, flatworm
Mealy bug, field cricket
Grass grub, caterpillar
Head louse, utopia

I can't bear what they say about you
Baptize a goat, sacrifice a goat
Let's shove in our wrong as deep, as deep as it will go

Soft in the head
And a moth besieged
A life alarmed
With you

Sheaf of wheat for flicking away
Sheaf of rye for flicks to come
No boat back to where we came from

Days spent eating and only eating
Without ease and without reflection
Apples, artichokes
Almonds, acorns
Asparagus, avocados

Pulled through the sand
And yet not dulled
A life alarmed
With you

Cynthia, upon the throne
All the cubes and squares go home
Sit by me and do the wrongest thing

Boom are like we
And bunnies and pink are we
Boom go that cars thee
Cars are like we