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Testo Hot Gyal

Hot gyal
Girl, you wan' breed fi me
When I'm in your body, feel like ecstasy, uh
Why you wan' vex with me?
And, next, do you wanna have sex with me?

Late night, gettin' lit, going down, uh
Shawty like the way a nigga dick her down, uh
Got a nigga cummin' all on my drawers, yeah
I'ma beat the pussy, then it's sayonara, uh

Bad gyal, wan' see all ya
Your body bad like Rihanna
Playin' with your breasts like Brianna
Girl, you're tailored fi me like Teyana
When yuh wine up your body like Taraji
Shut down Instagram and tag it
Government country ban and flag it
She bring it come and mek di yardman stop it
Girl, jump 'pon me body like rabbit
She want the D, and ah me want 'ave it
She addicted like a coke addict
Mi shift up the draws, she call mi tectonic, hey

Even when mi gone, dem want mi love
The girls want mi love
Can't leave on without my love
Even when dem fly away like a dove
Dem carry on, and can't leave on without mi love
Girl, mi nuh have no pics 'pon the Snapchat fi you
I have one Hennessy and backshot fi you
Short form, mi wan' give it up too
I'm livin' my life, you need fi live it up too
Some say the best sex come from big stress
And I need fi just fling off draws and red dress
She a bawl, call up, me say hello in text message, is stressin' to me
I break off the frame and yuh bed satiny, yeah
Me nuh want unuh fi judge me
I'ma feel like every girl in the world love me
Feel like every girl in the world wan' fuck me
'Cah my money real pretty when I'm lookin' ugly
She want a wilder man
Rude boy done up the Taliban
No, boy, can never style me, man
Beat 'pon the ting like Energizer, no, no, no

Hot gyal
Girl, you wan' breed fi me
When I'm in your body, feel like ecstasy, uh
Why you wan' vex with me?
And, next, do you wanna have sex with me?