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Informazioni su Introduction Introduction è una canzone di Xxxtentacion.
È la prima traccia dell'album Skins.
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And it was just like, like I just kept confusion, confusion, thrown into disarray
It's like I really wanna amount to something great
I ain't tryna, like, I ain't tryna-, but I'm, in the same sense
I'm tryna go there off energy
I'm tryna go there off effort
I'm not tryna go there off-off hardships and all that bullshit, bruh Yeah. I felt hardships, I'm tired of that shit, I'm good, bro
Yo. I'm tryna, I'm tryna tell the world to fucking relax, bro. Relax, let me be me, let me be my- let me be a prince
Let me be a king, nigga
Off the sense of my mind, 'cause nigga
My mind is different, you feel me?
I'm not with that torturin' shit, bro, I'm not with that, bro
To be appreciated and to be loved, bro
Let a nigga assert himself, bruh
Let a nigga be who he wanna be
If I make my mistakes, if I make my mistakes along the road
Then that's my fault, you feel me? Mhm
But I know, I know I be feelin', it's somethin' watchin'
There's something watchin', I know