rare Testo

Testo rare

Very fucking holy, very fucking rare
Even in broad daylight, I have this dream, I have this fantasy
Marvelous, absolutely mother fucking marvelous, dog
Tell these fuck niggas I said, "Very rare," yeah
That one day I go missing, I disappear
And no one can find me

I'm an asshole with a cash flow (Ayy, yeah)
I got a bad bitch, she got a pretty pussy (Ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah)
I beat the bitch like Ray Rice (Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy)
She won't testify if you ask her (Yeah, ayy, ayy, word)
I got molly all on my dick (Yeah, yeah)
Hold up, that's molly all on my dick (Yeah, yeah)
I got a .40 Glock and that drum, nigga (Ayy, ayy, woah)
So when I shoot the shit, it go, "Ayy" (Ayy, woah, yeah)
Which of you niggas is about it? (Gang)
And I slap the fucker, he unconscious (Gang)
You rock Hilfiger fixing to kill niggas
To make the bills bigger, he won't find us (God damn yeah, gang)
Now play my role to get by (Gang, woah)
I won't harm a fly 'til I'm charged (Gang, damn)
Burn the fucker, never yearned the fucker
I'ma leave the body in Dubai, ayy