Concrete Testo

Testo Concrete

[Shabaam Sahdeeq]
Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah...
As the world turn, cash to earn, falonious burn
We Takin Ova, its our turn, where the moss burnin?
Clear the path, we get more ass than saddle seats
Steal this wall like the Alamo, standoff cowboy style
I draw first, y'all sweet like Starburst
Bit more than you can chew, handle it, street's scandalous
Dynasty met, no need to pretend, mix liquor, top shelf nigga
with the marvelous blend
Oh you think you the chief now? You know how we get down
You claim to spit rounds but are you hittin shit clown?
Your aim is all off, I make your crew hit ground
Jump in your six nigga, its time to skirt off now
You in the wrong part of town trying to lay law down
Play hard now? My niggaz gonna shut it all down
You cheap like First Down got beef like ground round
We move the crowd like a pound of the sweetest indo in town
Sahdeeq and X to the Z, y'all Dead in the Sea
We make ya face crack, like them Reebok runnin cats
Niggaz be like yo run it back, bitches be like yo that's phat!
Put it down with my fam from across the map

Chorus: Shabaam Sahdeeq *2X*
Rhyme for rhyme believe me we raw with it
Cash gotta get it, bag a girl when we spit it
Our team win it, drop gems for peops listenin
Put your ears to the concrete, feel the buzz on the street

Yo, yo, this is dedicated to the niggaz that be hatin me
But never can face me, because they scared for their own safety
Replace me? Mr. X to the Z
It's B.Y.O.B. cause all the pussy is free (pussy's free)
And everything else is me and my niggaz spreadin the wealth
Cross me I'll introduce you to the devil himself
See I'm the motherfuckin man layin over Japan
Computer hack through your laptop
then leave your whole SoundScanned (what the fuck?!?)
And watch you panick like the bitch you are
I'm the mechanic with a pipe bomb that fits your car
Ka-boom, now I assume your homies wanna retalliate
Set em straight with a thirty-eight, the wrong cat to violate
So watch Xzibit and Shabaam start to dilate
Anihilate competition, some niggaz got hard heads
And just don't listen, they the ones you find missin
Better get on the right team and play your position
See I'm lost, scandalous, finest
Blew your back out because your spineless
I'm never makin music for the mindless
Cause I'm hard to the core, and I'll never go soft
Just consider us the hitmen thats knockin you off

Chorus *1X*

Yeah, yeah, See I'm ready to raise a ruckus
Try to elevate you motherfuckers to the places where the law can't touch us
Walk off on your own or with the aid of crutches
Anyway you want it to happen I'm ready for action
You get shot up under my soles, call it Fatal Attraction
Beat you niggaz till you get it right, like Joe Jackson
Listen, we here to give the hardcore what they lookin for
At the same time pimp the game like a fucking whore

[Shabaam Sahdeeq]
In this game here, we got swift handles
Dismantle your chalkboard strategy, check the replay
Here you gets no shine we dimmin your light
Make your heart pump *echoes* when my squad's in sight
Shorty got assets and a man that ask bets
Lost it all fuckin round with the dice, you ain't nice
You a sacrifice, guinea pig, you dig?
Roast you, get a jokey smurf through the postal

Chorus *2X*