Ganja Testo

Testo Ganja

Mary Jane

Way to go, running out of ganja
I don’t know, talking to a stranger
Way to go, running out of ganja
I don’t know, talking to a stranger
When out of ganja

The seed grows, weedian soldier
I said no (I said no) to lowlands (lowlands)
I’m in my spacecraft
With my space grass
(My space grass)
We need, we need ganja!
Do you, do you, do you, do you have ganja?
Do you have ganja?
(I need ganja)
We need ganja
(We need!)
We need ganja
Oh! We need ganja!

‘Scaping through Y40i's room
Sativa blunt in bloom
Eyes closing a year away from the top and
Voice pitching yell your way out the farm
You Two farmers will go far
So go forth, from the floor
To fuck off, futile song
Fly on fellows, fist fuck the rules
Atomize the whole party, aromatize this reefy
I wanna smoke till the mind gets blank
I wanna fuck till the girl's get shreked
I'm hella ready to rob on the bank
Juanitox and Mox, the new Snoop and Wiz

Where’s the ganja tonight?

We need ganja (We need ganja!)
We need ganja, we need ganja
Ganja (We need ganja!)
Ganja, Ganja, oh my Ganja
Where’s the Ganja tonight?
We’re goin’, tonight
Woo! Tonight
We need ganja
Let the beat drop!

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