The Sun Testo

Testo The Sun

Crying the light and the sun
Crying for all that you've done
Crying for everything
I should have known by now
Crying the light of the sun
Crying for all that has gone
Crying for everything
You could have done by now

Saying goodbye to all my friends
While I'm still alive... Till when?
I've got to know who I am
Laughing about it all... now

'Bout all the times I have run
Laughing for all I have won
Crying for love that has
Died before it's begun
Crying the fire and the gun
Crying for all our sons
Hoping for everything
Now before it is dawn

Taking for granted all I've had
Now I remember all you've said
I've got to let go now
Thankful for all...

Thankful for light and the sun
Thankful for all that I've done
Thankful for everything
That I have learned till now
Thankful for all and for one
For every moment of fun
Thankful for everyday
I have lived till I'm gone

Till I'm gone
Till I'm gone
Gone gone gone gone