Mary J Remix Testo

Testo Mary J Remix

I know that we been strong
2004, 2005 guess we can call it long
all day everyday we textin on the phone
than suddenly you had a quick change in tone
tellin me to leave you alone
man i dont know whats going on
maybe thats why mary j made the song
started out short now are relationship long
and bae i got some questions for u
late night under the cover
i love u and baby i will love no other
protective like big brother
true love something i would soon discover
yo mother my mother my mother yo mother
yo one and only lover
o no i didnt shove her
i will never put my hands on her
holdin hands while we walk around the coner
take a walk round the park like right before night
are love like jada and will
take me like an advil pill
and girl i cant be without u
and thats the real deal
so girl i pray to god you feel the same way i feel