Farewell Testo

Testo Farewell

Looking at the world around
For the very first time
Never seen it all before
Hope it's not all mine

On Monday morning all alone
I woke within my house of stone
I ventured forth unto the day
These things I saw upon my way
Trees and flowers were wrapped around
With people's castoffs on the ground
Roads and noise of glass and steel
And people snared within the wheel

Tuesday looked into the sky
Where birds in peace were left to fly
Thunder rolled and lightning flashed
I watched the world as people dashed

Friday's sadness began to creep
Upon me like the deepest sleep
It seemed that only I could see
Just what my world would finally be

On Sunday back inside my room
I draw the blinds, 'tis afternoon
I let my mind find its own ways
Farewell to future days