J Testo

Testo J

Here we go, we've got another disease
Talk and talk and think that that's what we need
Another lie, another crime but not to see
Tell us what we want to hear, but not what we need
Take away the fact, and alter what is left
Have you changed your mind, because that's what we get
That's what we get - just another disease
Is that what you want, who are you to plead?

Hey, I can't remember your name, but it starts with the letter J
Please, you know it dosn't really worry me, as long as I am pleased

Take away your flat 2-D point of view
Wash away the years and start to renew
Speak for us and not for yourself
And from our level, not from your cloud
Here we go, we've got another disease
Speculating, begging please
Forgive me when I begin to say
Your just like the R and the G's and why head that way?

Hey, I choke when I start to say it doesn't matter anyway
Please, you've know I try to believe but it it always dismays me