God Save Me Testo

Testo God Save Me

Yeah, I did a lot of wrong shit
I did a lot of shit right, yeah

Let me speak my peace
Young black nigga made it out to get caught in the streets
Never seen me before niggas, so how you want beef?
Bitches all up on my dick, they wanna talk to me
Bitch, get off of me
If I didn't have these racks with me
Would you wanna ride with me?
If I didn't fuck with famous people
Would you wanna chat with me?
You stood me up back in the day, now you wanna act silly
I don't wanna talk to you niggas if it ain't about business
God, be my witness
I did a lot of wrong shit, I know that I been sinnin'
Gotta be the right way, 'cause this just the beginnin'
I done took a lot of L's, I just not started winnin'
I fell in love with women
I seen myself for the first time and then I started grinnin'
Didn't know how to accept you, I made bad decisions
You the best thing ever happened to me, that's my opinion
Taught me how to be a man, you helped me see my vision
I ain't [?], my nigga, we had the same thing
I don't gotta shake hands
I ain't tryna make friends, I'm just tryna make bands
Walkin' with your hand out, I don't gotta break bread
"I'll never make it out," ain't that what they all say?
So fuck 'em
Now they shot, like lightning struck 'em
How you claim that you my brother
But you left me out on the supper?
How you claim that you're my brother
But your ass let me suffer?
You know writers writing wrong, was wrong
And I did what I did, because I love you
And I did what I did, because I trust you
Fool me once, you fool me twice and I'm a sucker
You have five chances, you will never get another
That's on my mother
19 with a baby, I know that shit crazy
They don't know my story, I must went to the navy
Almost signed my life away, the only one God gave me
Most genuine nigga, so how could you hate me?
Gave that boy my last diamond, he never repaid me
Every time I look around, people lookin' crazy
I done fucked the wrong bitch, now the world hate me
You the one that made me, come on, God, save me, yeah
Come on, God, save me, yeah
I said, come on, God, save me