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Testo Serious

Why you do me like that? (Hey, yeah)
Girl you know I was crushin'
You was on the 'Gram with that nigga
The day before you was in my bed, you ain't tell me nothin'
Talk about how we was gon' connect
When I came to LA, I can't even flex
I hope you free this lifetime or the next
You lead me on but I followed you
You do the numbers so I followed you
You went ghost so I went ghost too
Grindin', I ain't know you long enough
Long enough for you to open up
Spillin' all your feelings, you've said that it's love
I'm smart enough I had to [?]
I can't even lie I'm in my feelings girl

I knew when I bagged you
That you came with baggage, yeah, yeah
I knew when I had you
I had to make it happen, yeah, yeah
Made love with a passion
I knew was the baddest (Yeah, yeah)
I knew was the baddest, huh, yeah

And you know I was serious
You got me in my feelings girl, yeah
Oh woah, woah
You knew I was serious
Serious, serious
You got me in my feelings, yeah, yeah
Oh woah, woah (Ooh)

One-two punch
I'm about to knock that out, girl
Take you down
Let me [?]
I come over, with roses by your bed
Start at your neck and your legs, yeah

Yeah, yeah
Oh woah, woah
Woah, ooh
Ooh whoa