Toy Soldier Testo

Testo Toy Soldier

Lock and load, the words of a man
With no gun in hand, who loads his bullets backwards

I gave you shelter, the bills piled higher
I hid from your past and this is how you return the favor

Paybacks a bitch motherfucker, when the lies get deeper
And you're brought out in the open

You hide in your cave, till this very day
but you can still hear my words from 400 miles away

The rat in the wolfpack
I can't believe we didn't sniff you out sooner
And brand you as a traitor

A born again mountain man
runs away from something he claimed to be
but couldn't make the cut

The hunter is the hunted, there's nowhere left to run
From the warlords on your doorstep
37 ain't, you're nothing but a fake, you're banished from the kingdom

We took you in, when you were on the run
Paid you're fuckin debts and labeled you as one
time's out, the hit is on
only retribution is the spilling of your blood

Honor, respect are nothing but nickel and dime words to you
cover your tracks cause you're dead to me
shedding blood you were never meant to be

honor, respect are nothing but nickel and dime words to you