Herd Immunity Testo

Testo Herd Immunity

Push back, push back, d-d-d
Push back, ah, ah, mm-da (Back, push back)
Push back, push back, eh (Push, push, push back)

Government playin' lifeline poker
When them migrant boats wash up in Dover
And Priti just wishin' that the boats tipped over
People really sittin' pretty let that shit fly over?
No wonder there's shortage of blood donors
Everybody full of theyselves like Mike Posner
Dough the only matter on minds, it's so Homer
Corbyn got suspended but Tories are still kosher?
We need to put the politics back in the middle
Civil citizens but they aren't even treatin' us civil
Woman killed by a pig and then the pigs hit the vigil
They say it's one bad apple but I'm sayin' it's drivel
Stuff your mouth with an apple, roast you up on a spit grill
David Cameron lookin' at your rear end as he dribble
I'm a vegan but you know this time I'll take a lil' nibble
My symbol hammer and sickle, so you know I ain't liberal, ah
Last resort we'll be needin' a Guy Fawkes
To light up the high court, we're done with polite talks
Won't take a knee, but happily on all fours
When pullin' down some drawers and lickin' some old balls
We're takin' it by force, you're behind the black ball
This house got no lords and needs some glass walls
How long 'til another tower falls?
300 with the Grenfell cladding still stand tall
But you don't give a single fuck about 'em at all, do you? Nah (Nah)
Nah, you don't give a single fuck about 'em all, yeah (Uh, no)
I got a mean flow but my conscience is clean
We eatin' pettitoes, you know, the police
Fuck a Met Chief, fuck a DBE
And flip a GBP? Stop playin' games with me
And fuck Salman, fuck Naftali
'Cause they firin' they cannons at the trapped and weak
And we fundin' the bombs that are killin' them families
You lookin' at dead bodies like lookin' at dead leaves
We're treadin' on thin ice but don't listen to Bill Nyes
We're talkin' 'bout kids lives, you tell 'em to sit tight
Billionaires takin' joyrides and we know why
'Cause they goin' to the moon when they leave us to die
Everybody sane is sayin' "It ain't right"
They all wanna blame the poors and non-whites
They all wanna swing their dicks and fly kites
I feel like Sean Paul, sayin' gimme the light

'Cause if the world's on fire then there's smoke in my lungs
If Pitbull's on fire, then I'm tokin' it up
Shout out all the people that are showin' me love
And shut out all the people who aren't sayin' enough
Queues for food banks and queues for fuel tanks
And tanks in Afghan, we supposed to say "Thanks"
B.J. gettin' BJs from a blonde yank
All up in her cervix like his wife and the cam, hah
The plan was face, space, and hands
But BJ in the hospital, he's shakin' them hands
There's blood on your hands, there's blood on your hands, De Pfeffel
Now you know you aren't slick, your dogwhistles are frank
It's A-okay to lie but not to call out the liars?
You in bed with Trump, man, you need to be fired
Look at all the people done lost their lives
Why the fuck did you of all people have to survive?
Theresa May the way I hope you'll be cryin'
And shout out to slowthai for holdin' that head high
I'm holdin' my head high up, all praise to the most high
See hope in a child's eye, we're hitting a D minor
Andrew did them minors like Maggie did in the miners
Philip's in the mud, I hope that Liz is in line 'cause
I could give a fuck about some rich old timers on a taxpayers dime every night
Like, livin' the Ritz finest, your highness, imbibe this
My tongue tired now, so you should probably rewind this, it's like this
One time, fuck the government and fuck Boris, right?
And fuck Keir Starmer, you won't con us, like
Alright, alright, alright