Pill For The Ride Testo

Testo Pill For The Ride

Heart drowning i'm not crying
Messing around in the backyard
Just trying to find out who i am
Lost byways, nobody, like you said, ever missed me
See faces and places and
I miss you sometimes
And all the people
And all the crap
You are nothing more than names on a map so far
Your pretty garden your painted house
I hoped you'd be happy more than your dog would be
Heart drowning suffocating
Your face reminds me
I am still breathing and losing the rest of who i am
Sometimes i feel like ending
The dirty game we keep playing
Let's take a walk to the other side
Let's take a long walk
And a pill for the ride

How can you die when you're already dead
Where can you go there's nothing much ahead
I'm bleeding and i know i won't stop
Until i find the place
The place where i can drop