Faith Testo

Testo Faith

RBE SOB, man, that's the gang man
Fuck you suckers, for you other niggas I ain't fuckin' with, ah

Young nigga gotta have faith
I ain't have it for a minute, got it tatted on my face
A lot of shit ain't been the same
I be goin' through some pain, you can see it in my face
Every day another struggle
Every day a nigga switch and I can't trust him
All this shit I been through make me hustle
I'll go out my way and do whatever if I love you

Why everybody switchin' on a nigga?
Say I'm actin' different, ain't no difference for a nigga
When I was drownin', they wasn't chippin' on a nigga
Went and took one flight, now they lookin' for a nigga
So what's up nigga?
I ain't never ran or been a punk nigga
See these niggas out, they like to talk when they confront niggas
Ain't no ones nigga, gang shit when we jump niggas
Big drum nigga, I ain't gotta throw a punch nigga
In other words I don't talk to these niggas
We ain't in the same class, I can't walk with you niggas
I ain't have nothin', what you offer a nigga
If it was up to her she'd do it all for a nigga
That's why I fuck with you
And I put all my trust in you
And I fuck with you, I ain't think I'd fall in love with you
Stuck with you, hundred round drum, I'll bust for you
Know your old nigga never really did much for you
Bitch I'm really out here thuggin'
I was hustlin', we was really out here strugglin'
In the field and we really out here clutchin'
I'm really out here blessed 'cause I really came from nothing nigga
Really really, really really
You ain't, really with me, you don't really feel me
Bitch I'm, really really ridin' hemi hemi
Really, tote a fully, squeeze it 'til it's empty
When you really in these streets it get hard
When you goin' through the pain it get dark
Forty on me, paranoid so be cautious
Clutchin' on my SIG 'cause I don't know who wanna off me
Open doors for these niggas, they ain't thankful
Niggas ain't support from the start, I don't blame you
Niggas talkin' hard on these songs and I thank you
'Cause when I bring that real shit to you I'ma change you
You let niggas pump you up, get in your head, huh
Make you think you really ain't who you is, huh
'Cause deep down inside, huh, you a bitch, huh
If you get caught and go down, you a snitch, huh
I don't give no passes for that fuck shit
Y'all be on too much of that compassion and showin' love shit
Fuck it, if I got that thang I'ma bust it
He told her you with him
'Cause that's your mans that he grew up with, fuck shit

Thirties, fifties, hundreds, bitch we got 'em
Bitch we been gettin' money
Talk shit with the diamonds in your chain bitch
SOB the gang bitch
Y'all the type of niggas I don't fuck with
On my mama, bitch I'm thuggin'
On my mama I made somethin' out of nothin'
On my mama you niggas ain't on nothin'
On my mama you niggas ain't on nothin'