The Taped Conversation Testo

Testo The Taped Conversation

[Talking: Young Buck]
Taped conversation, streets wanna know, what young buck gon do? How, how Young Buck gon respond? (laughin)

[Chorus: x2]
If you see me in the streets rollin, (c'mon) if you see me on the block holdin, (what nigga) if you see me rollin by, remember that chu don't know me (you don't know me)

[Verse 1:]
Bitch niggas do bitch thangs, look at 50 what he does jus to get fame. Record my phone call when I spoke from the heart, that was a year this was a joke from the start. You a hoe and now I know the only people record conversations is 5-0. So nigga die slow, see here ya go, while you gotta chance let a real nigga put a band on ya hand. Understand I don't bite the hand that feed me, but I will let the hand say it don't need me, look at ya'll on t.v. Banks looks uneasy if he told ya how he feel this is where hed be. And they know yayo is stuck in ya A-hole half of ya staff only there fo ya pay roll. Ay Tip lay low u ain't gotta respond he had the magic stick I got the magic wand I'm the don.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Real niggas do real thangs real niggas never die and never give names, if a real nigga cry then it's real pain so on the real my nigga I don't feel ashamed. Ain't no pussy in ma vains I'm a G with out me ya'll jus the U-N-I-T with out B ya'll should jus give it out free cause in the south we consider you weak. Nigga when I speak the streets get relief they really find the truth out about this beef a victium of defeat when ya album was released when Jay-Z made Kanye look like a beast, when BET told Jim Jones it was peace jus tryna get some new york love at least but they lovin me. I'm laughin at cha while ya worried bout me when ya punk ass respond I'm a give ya verse 3 haha you'll see

[Chorus x2]

[Talking: Young Buck]
Comere boy sit booboo sit good dog, ahh man I guess u musta forgot every man gotta emotional side to em, yeah whether he choose to show it or whether he choose to hide it haha it don't make u lesser than no mutha fuckin man nigga I'm a G 50. So lemme talk to ya punk ass give ya what cha wanna hear ya kno when ya put the shit out ya shoulda told dem dat was a conversation that me n u had sum like a year ago right? It was a heart felt conversation for Young Buck, so yeah they heard the emotional side of me but they see the bitch nigga in u 50 believe dat. Cause see like nigga looked at chu as a big brotha my nigga 7 years I mean we done made millions togetha nigga haha. I followed your lead I should say ya know so I delt with chu from the heart nigga, I mean I thought chu delt with me from the heart too, but now I know... yeah... I see u... the devil in disguise we see now... the whole world see now... And I know you thinkin this shit makin u look big but you really look bad my nigga, look at what chu had my nigga hahaha

[Chorus x4]