U Don't See Me Testo

Testo U Don't See Me

you dont see all my jewels you dont see when i shine you dont see when i struggle you dont see when i grind dem pussy niggas hatin tell em to get in line cause when its grand hustle tell em that we goin shine (you dont see me nigga you dont see me, you dont see me nigga you dont see me)

young dro i ride ovia h nigga kobia weight come from korea 80 k in wachovia pussyniggaphobia i call em like a nokia they know i got da juice cause da whip fruitopia dope boy dopin ya ducktapin and ropin ya cleaner than ya bitch ivory slugs is scopin ya summer super soakin ya yea bitch im provokin ya AK to ya neck cool out showty its chokin ya snipers still scopin my russian killas open ya bust the wrong move muthafucka we'll open ya apple testarostin ya i slap investors open up rearrange ya face stick the 4-4 magnum close enough black lac ??? popi said he ran out of white we get to open ya niggas drive sodium i stand up like a podium smooth like linolium presidently i rolly em DRO


bitch please this shit here aint new to me (hell naw) over seas (what) water still blue to me 100 keys they wont have a clue its me i walk up out the airport only bad hoes pursue me a pimp fluently they chase me like a truency young dro yea in on the block and im the newest G you want to do a G come and talk to a G you might not even act like that only if you knew a G i got one chick paint look sunkist best thang smokin young dro im the one bitch stay wit one car drizzle is a pornstar bet im on the 6's and i bet im ridin northstar