A Sad State In Affairs Testo

Testo A Sad State In Affairs

Inevitable and blatant allure contained in our realm,
A degradation sees us subside.
Singled out, rest assured, for these changes assimilate for become obscure.
Lack of integration removed from ours, as we stray afar
Disintegration as it comes apart with no chance of redemption

I've carpet-bombed your city a thousand times in my mind,
I've back peddled even more,
I've laughed so hard I've pissed myself
Laughing with these wars we fight that will never be ours.
Let's yawn with our moths closed.
Let's be as clear as the oceans at night.
Let the snow take the effect where it muffles our sound.
Let the fever-induced dreams be a personal attack on a walking corpse on ice,
with no strings attached.