Biggest Diamonds Testo

Testo Biggest Diamonds

(feat. Trill Gatez, Lil' Meat a.k.a Lil' Matt)

[Paul Wall: Inserted] [Chorus x8:]
Biggest diamonds off in my mouth
Princess cutz all in my chain

[Young Mabooda: Talkin' Over Insert and Chorus]
Dallas Texas, saw trill, Young Mabooda

[Verse 1: Young Mabooda]
Yes sir theirs a whole a lot of haters that, wanna come and tryna dought me
STM and Booda diamond shine when I open up with my mouthpiece
Catch me rollin' down the block and a cut dog in this Old School
Young Mabooda I'ma grind till a dead dog homie when I supposed to
You don't want drama home boy brang it to your post
Young Mabooda I'ma bite the mic I'ma spit fire like a blow twitch
Underground veteran, yes I'm the throwed kind
I'm the chief of trick a lots all on the coast line
Why you tryna wrestle wit me, eaches are tryna feel on me
Don't make me have to come through to six to have grill homie
It's the Young Mabooda Throwed Spitta Wood Grippin' Grain
Biggest diamonds off in my mouth, princess cutz off in my chain

[Paul Wall: Inserted] [Chorus x8]

[Verse 2: Trill Gatez]
Life's in Thud City it's your boy Trill Gatez, we can talk and concentrate but if you don't got no doe then I can't relate
Switch gravitate to my flossin' style, see my glimps of my goldin' smile
You want to ball like me and Boo, watch closer pay a witness how
We do it boy, we grindin' may, we choppin' blades, and changin' lanes
Stop with a truck popped up with me and flashin' statin' havin' thangs
We gon' change the game, which in every autumn on my release
We gon' leave the block we grindin' shine on the Mix Tape hits the streets
Cuz my game is touch noch my hustle flawless this for the rappers and for the ballers
We can candy code of Impalas that instrictly bout big dollas
You need to hit me the collas, and we can put you down man
It's Power Broker off the top it's going down man

[Paul Wall: Inserted] [Chorus x8]

[Verse 3: Lil' Meat a.k.a Lil' Matt]
I'm a Texas Underground Throwed Prince, got ice cubes stuck in my jaw
Got candy paint up on my car, I'ma shine homie like a superstar
Got Jolly Ranchers and Popcorn, I'm a grand master and I pack a mean
It's Young Mabooda from Throwed Spinnas Incorporated with the Platinum Greens
I hit the block wit the Lambro doors, already I'ma about my doe
Up ready wit the twenty-fours to the twenty-sixes wit the Low Pros
Lil' Kids be actin' up, be makin noise, be misbehavin'
They calm down when I pull up I hit a switch and my truck wavy
I represent that Texas State, New Southphic Expectin' Teens
Sittin' Sidewayz in the parkin' lot wit South Park on my flat screens
It's the Young Mabooda Throwed Spitta Wood Grippin' Grain
Biggest diamonds off in my mouth, princess cutz off in my chain

[Paul Wall Inserted] [Chorus x8]