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One day I opened my eyes, when I was asleep
and I was in a book full of dust
Ask the dust
Then I hurried into this nice café
There I saw a guy, I asked him
Where was the Mexican chick
He said
"Last time I saw her, she was playing the guitar on the water"
Did you have a look behind the pub?
Perhaps her car is there?
Did you have a look near the sea?
If you didn?t, just follow the tracks?
Or ask the dust
When I got back to my room
There was some dust in my bed
I heard knocking at my door
My neighbour?
I asked him, where Camilla was
He said:
"Last time I saw her she was
Last time I heard her she was
Last time I saw her she was drunk behind your window"
Did you try the desert?
I know she?s got a dog
I know she didn?t read your book
But she?s got it in her bag
Have you got any money?
I just need to eat
Give me some change!
Don?t worry she will come back again
In the desert, the only thing I found was my book, in the dust?
My book in the dust...