Popstar Testo

Traduzione di Popstar bandiera italia

Testo Popstar

So it turns out I should've gone Oxford, should've gone Cambridge, should've shown promise
Should've listen to my teachers dropped my dreams, worked hard and stayed in college
But you teach an agenda of outdated policies and recycled knowledge
I think I speak for us all when I say, with respect “that's enough of your bollocks”
I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm just the realist realist
I'm not trying to protect anyone, i'm just trying to make you fearless

Maybe if I was a little better looking I could be a Popstar
Or maybe if I sold my soul I could be a pop tart
Everything I do is left, 'coz it just ain't right
And the shit it keeps on coming, keep keep keep
Keeps on coming

“It's like nobody understands what I'm trying to do
Maybe i'm just deluded”

They're like “Jack, Jack you're a 'wasteman' go back to school and get a degree man”
“Jack go get married son, go have kids and go be normal son”
“You're living in a dream, a far-fetched reality and it's gonna haunt you when your 30”

Maybe I'm overdue a reality check, maybe I need to wake up
If I'm just a dreamer then my life's better with my eyes shut