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Testo High School Wifey

It was a friday night, I'm in the game like e.a. sports,
She's in the stands screaming my name wit my number on her shorts,
An I seen her at school an she just smiled at me,
An she like how I got down in the multicultural rally,
But I be wit my boys steady tearing up the halls,
An she be on the phone steady blowing up my calls,
An she the type to study things,i'm the type to run things,
But opposites attract so lets hook up an do some fun things.
High school wifey,
Got you sneaking out that's why ya momma don't like me,
They always say that age ain't nothin but a thing.
So it shouldn't matter that i'm only fifteen,
I just wanna get close to you.

It was a monday morning just another week of school,
But in ya mind it's five more days for me and you,
And as the week goes by everything stays the same,
I'm still with my boys running things never change,
But you told me bout a party asked me if I wanna be ya date,
Told me you were driving told me that you'd pick me up at eight,
Whispered in my ear and told me you were down for anything,
you can be my high school wifey how that sound baby.

It was the middle of may an i'm here at the prom,
I never go alone so I got two on my arm,
But I see you over there an you just see me looking,
An I got a thing for you baby girl I ain't wolfing.
But i'm just in the crowd wit my boys going dumb,
You told me that you like how i'm shinig like the sun,
I asked you for a dance cause the night was almost done,
I whispered in your ear an told you baby your the one.