Sandman Testo

Testo Sandman

Sandman, CEO
SBE, cash man
Damn man, Shawty got it back with her last man
Fat pants, big diamonds, sipping jasmine
Roll up to the mountain and i'm dripping all black man
True friends only roll with true friends
Green tea, straight out the tin can
Think man, reminisce on what has, has been, hash man
Throw my conscious in the trash can, trash man
That is what they said i'd be, it has been a good year
It is time to raise the glass man
Cops man, fuck the police, let them blast them down
Fact then, all my money fattens
What the hell happened Fish tail salmon
Hop on the bandwagon
All I do is golden, work more then Safran
Plasma, on my tv plasma
Patterns, you can see the patterns in my passion
Only roll campaigns
Wonderland, i'm in Wonderland like i'm Alice
My palace, is going to fast, let me fasten seat belt
Loui V, can you imagine
MDMA, no Montana
Let me bring this back to land man
Abandon, leave you abandoned
Fuck with me and you know we leave you abandoned
Let me bring this back to land man
It has been a good year, bitch it's time to raise the raise the glass man