Let It Rain Testo

Testo Let It Rain

Baby, I'm wounded
The pain, it is passing
Can you hold back the show for a while

Beneath the hat that I'm wearing
The storms are all brewing
And maybe it's time to go on

The structure is holding
And the wood it is cracking
And the thoughts are all starting to fall

And there's more to say
Than what's been said
And people aren't climbing the walls

Let it rain, let pour
Let these skeletons darken my door
Lay the past in the graveyard
With things that can't hold me no more

Breath in deep, let it out
Wash the bitterness out of your mouth
There's no room left for darkness
When you're filled with the light, it comes out

The truth hurts the worst
So you might as well face it
So the slate can again be wiped clean
Stand on the shore of tomorrow's horizon
Let music set you free


It's a call to all fighters, all sinners and thieves
Fill their ears with the music
That sets their hearts free
I'll smash these strings 'til my fingers bleed
Lay down all your burdens
And sing back to me