Filé Gumbo Testo

Testo Filé Gumbo

Breaux Bridge Betty called me up on the party line,
Said, “Baby I just gotta know,
If you got some-a-dat “Make me feel so fine”,
I'm talking about that Filé Gumbo.

“Betty,” I said, “I got what you gotta have,
I made some just a little while ago.
It's got a black pot roux and some ground up sassafras,
I'm talking about that Filé Gumbo.”
Bring that boy some -a-dat Filé Gumbo,
Bring that boy a bowl.
Bring that boy some-a-dat Filé Gumbo,
Hurry up before it gets cold.

I quiver and I shiver from the feeling it delivers,
And I keep coming back for just a little more.
It's got the right spice to make me feel so nice,
My Louisiana Filé Gumbo.

So if you down in the dumps and you're stuck in a slump,
And you're looking up the wrong end of the blues.
Have yourself some-a-dat Filé Gumbo,
More better than that chcken bar-b-q.

Gumbo filé makes me feel so good.
Although I eat it more ofter than I really should,
But if I could I surely would have some more gumbo