Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me Testo

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Testo Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me

Yeah, yeah, bitch
Sit your stupid ass down, nigga

Hop out the Ghost while you flyin' Spirit
I'm Paris in the mirror, tryna check my appearance
Gettin' head while I'm starin', singin' Marvin lyrics
You with your dusty ass bitch, runnin' errands
Don't get embarrassed tryna snatch my carats
My niggas barbaric, shit could get ugly as fuck like Ed Sheeran
Catch you on your off day like Ferris, shoot you in your larynx
Kick your baby out the carriage, then I flee the scene
Hop up in that big body bitch like it's Gundam Wing
Then go and do a speech like Doctor King
Walk to the mic and scream

"Shut the fuck up talkin' to me"

With your baby momma watchin' the rain drizzle
Candles lit, listening to Kevin Little
You on your mans couch, eatin' crystals
She finna suck me like a Bissel
She said you rarely ever catch the signals
You could tell I was a menace by the grimace in my baby pictures
Atlanta nigga until the death of me
Afro grown, shirt open like it's the 70s
Bitch, I'll fly a drone to your crib and blow up everything
Rain down from heaven with weapons, like they some melodies
My foot on they neck while I'm eatin' nectarines
Loyalty is often spoke about, but it's seldom seen
I'm in the port of Miami, off of seven beans
Nigga try to swing, I hit him with a pedigree
Bitch think I'm trapped 'cause she got my baby, nigga, please
Before I change the diaper on a jit, I'll drink a fifth of bleach, fuck you mean?

Shut the fuck up talkin' to me (Yeah)

On the block with a cougar, sippin' Palomas
Hit the spot and do some yoga
Keep the .9 like the SCOTUS
Stuck with my niggas like legs to the plastic of your grandmomma sofa
Shit, fuck
You nigga's grunts, you better lay low
My niggas way too elite, leave 'em with halos
Yeah, they know
RIP to L-O
I'm in the plaza eatin' Play-Doh
Why you always tryna flex with Dracos?
Yeah, you let it sing, but that bitch wasn't hittin' shit like it was J-Lo
You want a seat at the cracker table
I'm tryna burn the whole house down like Django
Truth hurts, like steppin' on a LEGO
I don't like rappers, I be buyin' tickets, go to they shows
And throw tomatoes, like, "Ayo, boo this nigga!"

Shut the fuck up talkin' to me