Nacho Cheese Testo

Testo Nacho Cheese

Ay, yee, yuh, yuh, yuh
Turn me ooh ay
Ugh ew, ugh ay
(Do that trem-)

This is nacho cheese
That is cheese dip
All my jeans ripped
Walk with a limp
Niggas smokin' on skimps
While we smokin' on blimps
When I keep up
It's impossible to [?]

Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Buck, getty spaghetti
I fuck ya ho, if she let me
She hold me like a teddy
Why these hoes, they so petty
Slayin' bitches like I'm Freddy
Got one eye like I'm Fetty
Yo' main bitch look like Mrs. Piggy
Do you got a dolla'
Dunk Igoudala'
Heard you like to swallow for that Gucci, Fendi, Prada
I need money, I need guala
Juicy J, pop my colla'
Eat this meat, chimichanga
Roundhouse call it Rhonda
I need a big ol' freak bi-
Bad bitch, double d's
Why is these niggas bitin' my steez
Say "Wassup, do you want cheese?"
They say I sound like a creep
Do you want to play hide and seek?
Let me grab my football cleats
Give me that pussy, Uber eats

Nacho cheese let me get up in 'dem cheeks
Free boneless wings from a bitch in Twin Peaks
I got old cougars, housewives
Call her NeNe Leakes
I'ma fuck her on the sheets
Big dog, where my treat? *growl*
I'm like bam, bam. I know you want some
Chewin on this dick just like a piece of bubble gum
I'm about my chips bitch, you can keep the crumbs
Smokin on that backwoods, you smokin' on [?]
Smokin loud, instrumental
On the clouds, wit' a fiddle
You smoke midget, Malcolm in the Middle
Choppa make a nigga dance like he on a Triller