Special Delivery Testo

Testo Special Delivery

(Ayy Milan, that's another one, on God)

I'm at your front door, this special delivery
Our groupie a thottie, [?]
My ex say she love me, you cannot get rid of me
I just went deep in that pussy, you killing me
She told me look in her eyes while she freakin' me
The way that she freak me, she might be the enemy
I am Michael Jackson bad, ain't no bleachin' me
Had to cut some family off, they was leachin' me
Had to block all my exes, they missin' me
Forget about 'em, smoke some gas, not no nicotine
They just mad 'cause my new bitch get double C's
That's what happens when you hop on the winning team
[?] Halloween 'cause she trick or treat
But I'm the trick, so you know ain't no tricking me
I don't want corona, bitch, ain't no kissin' me
So many cars, I don't know what to drive
If you my slime, then you get a high five
Turnin' heads every time we talk by
The other guys like, "I wish I was them"
I am him, I ain't never been them
Fuck a blood, we gon' break off the stem
Me and [?] used to break ATMs
Now we ballin' like we winnin' the rim
New York [?] called her out with some timbs
Benz truck pullin' up like it's mims
Toronto truck, 24 on the rims
24, can't believe that he went
Gold and purple on my Cartier lenses
Foreign bitch, way she speak she a sim
She wet wet in that pussy I swim
Make a movie, gotta put this on film

She steady callin' and she act like a fiend
Come to my office, ho', I'm the dean
2020, keep my hands real clean
Been puttin' on since I was 17
Yeah, I'm cool, but I can get mean
Got [?] on the champion scene
Like scorpions, yeah, you know I'ma sting
On lock down, so I'm quarantined
I'm hot now, so you know what I mean
I rock out, so it's rips in my jeans
And I'ma pop out with my cock out
She gon' suck me 'til the snot out
And she get naked, uh
But I won't bake it, uh
And I don't worry, uh, yeah
'Cause she gon' let me, uh, yeah
And I need a lighter 'cause a young nigga on fire
Rolling like a tire, [?] like Michael Mires
They just sent me a damn wire, so you know I need some wire pliers
I don't want a ho', so I need a writer
I'm putting random shit on this Rolling Loud writer