Yelling Away Testo

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Testo Yelling Away

Ok, its the emcee extraordinaire Talib Kweli
Chillin on Soundbombing 3, with my peoples
From the East, Cypha Soundz, from West, Mr. Choc
This is how we do it, I got y'all back, y'all got mine
Let's do this- no more music motherfuckers

[Zap Mama- Chorus]
Yelling, yelling, yelling away
Going, going, going away
And fly, away

Yo, fly in it
Blue skies the limit, the skies infinite
It reflect in the eyes of those who try to send spies in it
Capture the sun if they could, but they go blind by it
Look in the sky and I see Africa's eyes in it
The land is dry like the cry in'finite
The tear we shed grow to fruit til the eye replenish
The industry wanna try to give my rhyme a sentence
Behind bars with my rhymes diminished, they tryna end us
But all them clowns do is give my mind a senate
To watch my people's enemy die in my presence

Fly away on the highest adventure out on the line
And enter the gate of Zion, need to decide who sent em'
I went through the jungle (yeah)
Stalking like a black panther, rap's answer to that cancer
Choking the life out the hood
They won't let a man emancipate his people
This refreshing like the spray of the bay in Puerto Rico

[Chorus] x2

[Zap Mama]
All the things, you desire
Earth...wind...water, fire
These elements hammer nice together
See, you can find it there
Find it there

[Chorus] x2

Yo, I came into this world as the naked truth
A little baby girl, trying to make it through
Through this earth, wind, fire and water
That I'm someone's daughter
Cadence of divine order
Sorta sent to let the people know their times spent
It's precious and we can't keep our minds bent
On just the pleasures of sex, drugs, wine, bread
In essence, we one with the environment
Though I've been here, less than a year
Being so close to god, I guess I haven't learned the fear
When I heard nature telling me, time to come home
Told my mind this is the path for you to walk, not to run on
Understand the night, to reach a higher day
Follow yourself so you can fly away (fly away)
Fly away dawg, fly away dawg, fly away dawg, fly away dawg

[Zap Mama]
You are feeling, the stress
But in life, you're truly blessed
Go...for...nothing less
Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away

[Chorus] x4

[Zap Mama]
Go...for...nothing less (x3)