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Testo The Bullet...

Shell-shock echo and a broken down door in the middle of a war zone...nobody's problem.
Effigy, ethereal gunning for whoever stole his home now, whose the bastard now? (Breathe quiet in the darkness) Switchblade silence shattered, 7.62, holler through the makeshift barricade, this one's for the mistake I made.
And we were found at the scene of a crime, we are the engine light, switch on the gunfire.

But outside of the breadline, I will feed my brothers, be they friend or not at all.
I have no enemies, only the ones in my dossiers.
Damage has been done, cut a swath down the city, child, put away your toys and arm your gun.
On top of the mountain, this is war. Here in the hamlet, this is war.

This is war.

They said get him a gun.
Lines blur when looking through a hole in the wall, walking on a line on the sand, eyes to the front, scan the horizon
Last words spoken, redemption is a white light out in the courtyard screaming out send someone to help me, send someone to help me now.
Where do we go, when the world goes down in flames?
We got caught out in the burning rain.