A Flora Testo

Testo A Flora

Do you wanna come
Don't be afraid
I wanna know who you are
I won't be the last in the city
I gotta go away
I can't stand another day
I wonder about the things that you say
I'm gonna see ya, I'm gonna trick ya, I'm gonna find a way
I gotta scream to anyone
Until I find you, alright
Come over, give me a kiss
Listen to me when I say
Someone has chased you
Just don't seem to find you
That's why when I see you full of magic
Can you feel my love is so fantastic
Don't you know my heart is not made of plastic
So open your eyes mr. Dramatic
How can you say
Just seems all right
I don't know why it's so hard to reach you
The things you say
Just makes me fade
I know I'll find a way
To be with you
To be with you
C'est fantastic