New York 21 Testo

Testo New York 21

my gun is tired and lonely the son is going home I don?t wanna sing about it so forget this fucking song I met Elvis & he said DO IT saw Jim & he said GO we rent a car & drove to Hendrix we were alive we took a trip to N-Y City & interviewed the Ghetto-BOYZ we couldn?t really get much higher Presley had a brandnew voice NEW YORK 21 GO yo Joe Jimmy screamed for ice & Jim couldn?t spell New York E.P. told a damn old joke we were lonesome tonight we feed the highway we ride the storm 4 living crazy Yankees 21 was born NEW YORK 21 GO AWAY you can?t think the way I do you find out that you is not you you steel my dreams & walk away confess a sin & call your name lets get out you