Rescue Me Testo

Testo Rescue Me

Another tragedy in the news
Someone shooting down the right to choose
It doesn't seem at all that they chose the right way
Another law I heard got passed today
Someone's trying to take my rights away
It doesn't seem to me they chose the right way
It's out of my hands but stuck in my mind in time
I find my spine is crooked in design
I want to be so much more (I wanna be so much)
Rescue me
Take this hand, by myself, alone I stand
Rescue me
From this world, from myself, before I grow old
Someone rescue me
Does anybody ever feel this way?
Does anybody have the guts to say?

Who am I to say I disagree?
Who am I not to change a thing?

Repeat Chorus
Here it comes again
Excuse too weak to stand on
I'm falling off
Too weak to stand on
I'm falling off
Too weak to hang on
Falling for you to catch me (catch me) (x2)
I'm afraid
That no one is changing
who's to blame?
Someone SAVE ME!!
Repeat Chorus