Walkaway Testo

Testo Walkaway

Here I come round the bend again
Don't wanna battle cause you know that I'll win again
Check it, battle scars earned and worn with pride
These words are where my soul resides, And
Didn't ever fit into this place, right?
And I couldn't stand lookin at your face, right?
You didn't mind makin this a race, right?
So check out the bass, check out the bass
When I flow, I know that I grow
Sit back relax and check out the bomb show bet
Never could you ever bring me down, clown, yeah
Check out the sound, Check out the sound
Well I saw your face one time
And I never thought I'd walk away
Then we hit the trip that wouldn't quit
And I never walked away again,
I said I'd never walk away again
Said I'd never walk away again
Let me jump back
Into the boom of the room
Come and take a ride to the top of the moon
I don't want to fight and make this a bad trip
I just wanna sit back relax, take a fat rip
Check out the shapes and the colors in the grooves
Check out the thoughts that make your minds move
Check out the lights that make the new patterns
Check out the beats and the rhymes that make us phatter
Check out the Zebrahead style
Boom, boom, boom in the room
And I said, when I don't wanna battle with my bulletproof though
But I gotta Tec-9 on my hip, gotta trip
Why? So you know that I dread
but I'm not like that, so i won't bite that
Got a new swing so you know that I brought the
heavy new tribe with the funk flow flavor
Check out the smooth sounds that you know that you want to savor
I wish you could see all the things that I see
Back in the day you were down with me
Back in the day when things was alright
Check out the lights
Check out the sound that I found all underground
And the swing that I bring up all around
Watch the walls as they all come crumblin down
Check out the shake and the quake as I kick it down
Check out the shapes and the colors and the grooves
Check out the thoughts that make your minds move
Check out the lights that form the new pattern
Check out the rhymes and the beats that make us seem much phatter
Chorus x2