Depression Testo

Testo Depression

Doing time for stealing words
This cuts through me and likewise hurts
To my pain I wrote this song someway
I'll come back to cover my wounds one day
Booze never feels any worse love can never be a downer
Money can't pay for what you've thrown away
Don't come back to stay with me
Women come and women go
I've loved, I've lost
I've told you so
The sun will shine on me someway
I'll come back to clean up my wounds one day
I said listen to me bro this is where I'm at
Can you help me with this time of hardship and some of that
I can use a clean place to stay and a warm bed
Somewhere soft to rest my head
Well I'm doing time
I'm feeling fine
I'm on my way
Well I've hurt so long you keep me strong
I'm on my way
What has been done, this boy won't run
I'll have to pay
I well not lose and I thank you
I'm on my way