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A Star Is Born - Born In A Trunk

Thank you, thank you very much

I can't express it any other way

For with this awful trembling in my heart

I just can't find another thing to say

I'm happy that you liked the show

I'm grateful you liked me

And I'm sure to you the tribute seemed quite right.

But if you knew of all the years

Of hopes and dreams and tears

You'd know it didn't happen overnight

Huh, overnight!

I was born in a trunk

In the Princess Theatre in Pocatella, Idaho

It was during the matinee on Friday

And they used a makeup towel for my didee

When I first saw the light

It was pink and amber

Coming from the footlights on the stage

When my dad carried me out there to say hello

They told me that I stopped the show.

So I grew up in a crazy world of dressing rooms

And hotel rooms and waiting rooms

And rooms behind-the-scenes.

And I can't forget the endless rows

Of sleepless nights and eatless nights

And nights without a nickel in my jeans.

But it's all in the game and the way you play it

And you've got to play the game you know.

When you're born in a trunk at the Princess Theatre

in Pocatello, Idaho.

At first I just stood and watched from the wings

That's all my mom and dad would allow.

But as I got older, I got a little bolder

And snuck out for their second bow.

They kept me in the act because they needed me

To milk applause

Until one night, they did a crazy thing

They left me out there all alone

Mama said 'you're on your own!'

And Papa shouted 'this is it kid, sing!'

I'll Get By

Written by Turk & Ahlert

Performed by Judy Garland

I'll get by

As long as I have you

Though there be rain and darkness too

I'll not complain, I'll see it through.

I learned very quickly the tricks of the trade

I practiced after everyone was gone

And with the tricks, I learned traditions

And the hardest one of all, is no matter what

The show must go on!

As time went by, I looked for jobs

And was kicked from pillar to post

I haunted all the agents offices

And I almost ended up a ghost!

You Took Advantage Of Me

Written by Rodgers & Hart

I'm a sentimental sap, that's all

What's the use of trying not to fall

I have no will, you made your kill

'Cause you took advantage of me



I'm just like an apple on the bough

And you're gonna shake me down somehow

So what's the use, you've cooked my goose

'Cause you took advantage of me



I'm so hot and bothered that I don't know

My elbow from my ear

I suffer something awful each time you go

And much worse when you're near

Here am I with all my bridges burned

Just a babe in arms, where you're concerned

So lock the doors, call me yours

'Cause you took advantage of me





So I got into a tap show

All I did was kick my feet

You'd hardly call it a chance to sing

But at least it was a chance to eat!

Black Bottom

Written by DeSylva, Brown & Henderson

Performed by Judy Garland

They call it black bottom

A new swisher

A sure galloon

An old sister

They clap their hands and do the raggedy trot


Old fellows with flamenco

And young fellows the way they go

They jump right in and give it all that they've got


Then one night something happened

Dame fortune showed her face

The star got sick and I was told to go on in her place.

But, she recovered.

Oh well!


Black bottom, a new rhythm

when you spot'em, you go with'em

And do that black, black, black, black bottom

You wont be blue when you have got'em

If you do that black, black, black, black bottom all day.

But finally I got an offer to sing in New York

And I wired I'm on my way

I had visions that this would be

A fabulous, famous cafe.

Filled with high society,

Elegant, and spruce.

And I pictured me the epitome

Of a very chic chanteuse.

The Peanut Verdor

Written by Simon, Sunshine & Gilbert

Performed by Judy Garland


Through every city, town, and country lane

You'll hear him sing his

Plaintive little strain

And as he goes by, to you he'll say

(Male voice speaking): Sing Melancholy Baby


The little children like to trail along,

They like to hear the peanut vendor's song,

They all laugh with glee when he will say

(Male and Judy's voice speaking)

Sing Melancholy Baby

My Melancholy Baby

Written by Norton & Burnett

Performed by Judy Garland

Come to me my melancholy baby

Cuddle up and don't be blue

All your fears are foolish fancies, maybe

You know dear, that I'm in love with you.

Every cloud must have a silver lining

Wait until the sun shines through

Smile my honey, dear

While I kiss away each tear

Or else I shall be melancholy too.

My benefactor appeared with his card

And at first, I thought he was fresh

Huh, fresh!

He was fresh from heaven all right

He produced the show that gave me the chance

To sing for you tonight


Written by Gershwin & Caesar

Performed by Judy Garland

Swanee, how I love you, how I love you

My dear old Swanee

I'd give the world to be among the folks in

D-I-X-I-E-ven now my mammy's waitin' for me,

Prayin' for me, down by the Swanee

The folks up north will see me no more

When I get to that Swanee shore

Swanee, Swanee, I'm coming back to Swanee

Mammy, mammy, I love the old folks at home

I love ya Swanee!

How I love you, how I love you

My dear old Swanee

I'd give the world if I could only be

Sittin' on my mammy's knee

I love the old folks, I love the young folks

Oh my bunny, let me love ya more than Alabamy!

Mammy, mammy, my dear old mammy

Your wanderin' child will wander no more

When I get to that Swanee shore

So I can't quite be called overnight sensation

For it started many years ago

When I was born in a trunk at the Princess Theatre

In Pocatello, Idaho.