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Aida - Enchantment Passing Through


To sail away to half discovered places

To see the secrets so few eyes have seen

To see moments of enchantment on our faces

The moments when we smile and those in between


If I could leave this place then I'd be sailing

To corners of my land where there would be

Sweet southern winds of liberty prevailing

The beauty so majestic and so free


There'd be no ties of time and space to bind me


And no horizon I could not pursue


I'd leave the world's misfortunes far behind me


I'd put my faith and trusting in something new

Radames and Aida:

But why should I tell you this

Aida :

A stranger I just met


A woman whom I hardly know at all and should forget

Radames and Aida:

A journey we can only dream of

Enchantment passing through

And how is it I say these things

So easily to you


But why did I tell her this?

A stranger I've just met

A woman who I hardly know at all and will forget

Anonymous and gone tomorrow

Enchantment passing through

And all I've done is tell her things

she already knew

She knew ...She knew....