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Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker - On The Road (Rooster)

Standing there

I could feel it happening

It happened to be happening to you and me

Took me off my feet

Made me pursue it

Now you tell me youre not mine exclusively


So I push you to one side


And then I see you again

And that look is in your eyes

You blew my mind but it wasnt real

So I'm back and on the road again

Life rolls on

And I'm rolling with it

Never worried by the troubles of company

Sometimes it sparks

sometimes it doesnt

But I'm happy theres no dreaming of you and me



So I pushed you to one side

And I finally got you out of my life

Now ive opened my eyes

Then I see you again

And that looks still in your eyes

Yeah you blew my mind

But you know it wasnt real