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Alpha Dog - Marco Polo (Lowd/cassie Simone)

(Feat. Cassie Simone)

yeah... huh... yeah...huh...yeah

cassie: now don't you wish i was your girl. (yeah...huh...yeah) i promise you to rock your wooorld (huh...yeah)

yeah... it feels so good to look deep in your eyes. galaxy is sure feel mesmerized. and when i touch your hair, and when your not around man i wish you was here. huh, and every morning when i'm out on the grind. i try to find most of the time to call you up on your cell let you know where im at. you gone from the house, can't wait for you to get back. lot of my friends think i'm mooshy and shit. when we first got together i was pushy and shit. but i guess i had to grow to be a man... and now im tryna get back to you fast as i can. throw the ring in your finger you know. now you gotta throw a rock on your hand. yeh and the mother to my kids. understand that to me in my eyes that's real big ma.

now dont you wish i was your girl (yeah)

i promise you to rock your world

yeah... yeah. i never... thought that love could feel like this. but i guess that love does feel this way. its been a long time for a dude like me. i had my running with the cops and peeps on the street. now... you got me turning a new leaf. and, you dont know how happy i could be. i look you dead in your eyes and the only thing i could see is you being the mom to all my kids in my crib. it didn't rhyme but thats how it is. huh you tell a player just how he wants to live. just a vision of a god or a queen, all together understand its a beautiful thing. in a lot of way did he feel to kiss you, early in the morning before i get shit through. yeah..you know how i get down, and when you're not around boo, you know i miss you... she say

now don't you wish i was your girl (huh and she say)

i promise you to rock your world (yeah...you know wat...huh)

now dont you wish i was your girl (feel so right girl...)