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Altar Boyz - The Calling


Looking outside of my window

Watching the world passing by

Feeling so terribly lonely

Wanting to sit down and cry

Suddenly I felt a presence

Ending my deep dark fears

There was this heavenly sound

Of something ringing in my ears

Jesus called me on my cell phone(Jesus called me on my cell phone)

No roaming charges were incurred (ooooo)

He told me that I should go out in the world

And (ahh) spread His glorious word (word)


Walking the streets of the city

Feeling such feelings of strife

Leaving my friends all behind me

Running away from my life

Suddenly I felt a presence

I got a second chance

There was this vibrating feeling

On the belt-loop of my pants

Jesus paged me on my beeper (Jesus paged me on my beeper)

He called from Heaven up above (ooooo)

He said I should go to the ends of the Earth (ahhh)

And spread His glorious love (love)



I’m losing your signal, Lord

Can you try your call again?

Please Lord, I’m a losing ya

I’m a going in a tunnel and I can’t see the light!




Called me on my cell phone (dialing his Nokia He called me on the phone)

The clearest voice I ever heard yeah

He beeped me! (He beeped me)

He faxed me! (He faxed me)

He emailed my soul!

And said (and said)

Till the day I'm dead (till the day I’m dead)

That I must spread His glorious word. (word)