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Annie - You Won't Be An Orphan For Long


If he should need the F.B.I.

Then he will have the F.B.I.


With all the favors that he's done

J. Edger Hoover owes him one.


'Till not a stone is left unturned


He will search everywhere

And he'll find them, I swear.


Oh, you won't be an orphan for long!


Where other men would call it quits

And disappear

He'll use his fortune and his wits.

So never fear

Cross the street

Or cross the sea

Annie, sweet

We guarantee

That you won't be an orphan...


Tomorrow morning it begins

You're with a man who always wins

Trust him and he'll prove

Mountains easily move

Oh, you won't be an orphan --

No, you won't be an orphan for long!