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Anyone Can Whistle - There Won't Be Trumpets


Those smug little men with their smug little schemes

They forgot one thing:

The play isn't over by a long shot yet!

There are heroes in the world,

Princes are heroes in the world,

And one of them will save us.

Wait and see!

Wait and see!

There won't be trumpets or bolts of fire

To say he's coming.

No Roman candles, no angels' choir,

No sound of distant drumming.

He may not be the cavalier,

Tall and graceful, fair and strong.

Doesn't matter, just as long as he comes along!

But not with trumpets or lightning flashing

Or shining armor.

He maybe daring, he may be dashing,

Or maybe he's a farmer.

We can wait, what's another day?

He has lots of hills to climb.

And a hero

Doesn't come till the nick of time!

Don't look for trumpets or whistles tooting

To guarantee him!

There won't be trumpets, but sure as shooting

You'll know him when you see him!

Don't know when, don't know where,

And I can't even say that I care!

All I know is, the minute you turn

And he's suddenly there,

There won't be trumpets!

There are no trumpets!

Who needs trumpets?