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Anything Goes - Buddie, Beware


Come on, fellas, gettin' married's for the birds.

Who needs it?


We do!



Buddie, beware,

Buddie, better take care,

Though at heart I'm a pearl

I'm a difficult girl,

So, buddie, beware.

During Christmas holidays

I develop taking ways

And I'm not at all anti

Pretty things Santy

Brings from Cartier's.

Your devotion I prize

But you must realize, my boys,

Other girl's luxuries

Are my necessities,

So, buddie, beware.

I feel I should put you right.

As I lie in bed at night

While the twinkling stars gleam on,

With my cold cream on

I'm a lovely sight.

And another thing too,

When I'm married to you, my sweet,

If to come home you fail,

I'll open all your mail,

So, buddie, beware.