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Anything Goes - The Gypsy In Me


I've never told this to anybody before, Miss Sweeney.

It's the Oakleigh family secret. There's something

dark and savage in our blood. In mine especially.

You see...

Long, long ago,

So long ago

I hardly know when,

My great-great-grandmother

Now and then

Stepped out with a gypsy.

Of course she will say she was

A little bit tipsy.

But tipsy, no, no.

Of their love there wasn't a doubt,

So I can't wait to get the stage all set

So I can let the gypsy in me out.

Hiding away

There's a little bit of gypsy in me

Just hanging around

Till that magical night

When the stars by their light

Give mystery to the sleeping lagoon,

While a haunting guitar

Not too near, not too far,

Gaily hums away,

Strums away

A titillating tune.

When I'm there in the dream

With the one in the world

I worship passionately,

At the moment supreme

Will be shown the unknown

Gypsy in me.