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Anything Goes - There's No Cure Like Travel


My dear, you're sailing off without me.

Yet you don't seem to give a damn.


I know it's fearful of me not to be

More tearful,

But thank heaven I am.


You mean to say you're glad to leave me?

Can I believe that's what you mean?


Why, don't be funny, I'm just wild about you, honey,

But I'm oh, so glad, so glad,

It's driving me mad to say goodbye

To all things that typify

The humdrum of my daily routine.


And there's no cure like travel

To help you unravel

The worries of living today.

When the poor brain is cracking

There's nothing like packing

A suitcase and sailing away.

Take a run 'round Vienna,

Granada, Ravenna, Sienna

And then a-'round Rome.

Have as high time, a low time,

And in no time

You'll be singing "Home, Sweet Home".