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As Thousands Cheer - Harlem On My Mind

Em'ralds in my bracelets and diamonds in my rings

A Riviera chateau and a lot of other things

And I'm blue, so blue am I

Lots of ready money in seven diff'rent banks

I counted up this morning, it's about a million francs

And I'm blue, so blue, and I know why

I've got Harlem on my mind

I've a longing to be lowdown

And my "parlez-vous" will not ring true

With Harlem on my mind

I've been wined and I've been dined

But I'm heading for a showdown

'Cause I can't go on from night to dawn

With Harlem on my mind

I go to supper with a French Marquis

Each evening after the show

My lips begin to whisper "Mon Cheri"

But my heart keeps singing "Hi-de-ho"

I've become too darn refined

And at night I hate to go down

To the high-falutin' flat that Lady Mendel designed

With Harlem on my mind