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Camelot - Guenevere (Ensemble)


Oh, they found Guenevere

With her bold cavalier

And as swords rang through the hall

Lance escaped them, one and all

On a day dark and drear

Came to trial Guenevere

Ruled the jury for her shame

She be sentenced to the flame


Early dawn was the time

She would pay for her crime

Or would Lancelot reappear

Come and rescue Guenevere?


I\'ll wager the king himself is hoping he will return

Why would he have chosen five AM for the queen to burn?

When the world is black and gray, what time would be more ideal

For Lancelot to steal Guenevere?


As the dawn filled the sky

On the day she would die

There was wonder far and near

Would the king burn Guenevere?


Then suddenly earth and sky were dazed by a pounding roar

And suddenly through the dawn an army began to pour

And lo, ahead the army, holding aloft his spear

Came Lancelot to save his dear Guenevere


By the score fell the dead

As the sky turned to red

Countless numbers felt his spear

As he rescued Guenevere

In that dawn, in that gloom

More than love met its doom

In the dying candle\'s gleam

Came the sundown of a dream

Guenevere, Guenevere

In that dim, mournful year

Saw the men she held most dear

Go to war for Guenevere

Guenevere, Guenevere

Guenevere, Guenevere

Saw the men she held most dear

Go to war for Guenevere

Guenevere, Guenevere, Guenevere