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Camelot - St. Geneve (Intro)

St. Genaveve, St. Genaveve,

It's Guenevere. Remember me?

St. Genaveve, St. Genaveve,

I'm over here beneath this tree.

You know how faithful and devout I am.

You must admit I've always been a lamb.

But Geneveve, St. Geneveve,

I won't obey you anymore,

You've gone a bit to far!

I won't be bid and bargained for

Like beads at a Bizarre.

St. Geneveve, I've run away

Eluded them and fled,

And from now on I intend to pray

To someone else instead.

Oh Geneveve, St. Geneveve,

Where were you when my youth was sold?

Dear Geneveve, sweet Geneveve,

Shan't I be young before I'm old.

Where are the simple joys of maidenhood?

Where are all those adoring daring boys?

Where's the knight pining ... ETC.